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Tour Start Time : 11:30

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Bodrum daily boat tour starts every day at 11:30 and departs from Bodrum Kumbahçe Halikarnas Pier. Returning starts at 17:30 and arrives at the pier at 18:00.

You can join Bodrum boat tour from Bodrum center and Peninsula. Our boats depart from Bodrum Kumbahçe Halikarnas Pier at 11:30 and take a swimming break at Karaada, Cleopatra Hot Water Cave, Meteor Pit, Poyraz Bay, Kızıl Burun and Tavsan Cape respectively. Bodrum boat tour is a tour where you can relax and enjoy with family or friends. Our boats are waiting for you to enjoy the sea by swimming in plenty of unspoiled bays and in the blue of Bodrum.

Our prices include: Pasta, Salad, Chicken and Fruit service.
Drinks are available from our extra Bar section.
All kinds of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are available in the bar section.


While the hot water coming out of the cave is thought to be good for skin diseases, tourists spend time in the cave where Cleopatra is believed to have lived for a while and got its beauty from the mud inside the cave.

KARA ADA - 12:30

Karaada is a small island located in the Gulf of Bodrum in the Aegean Sea. It is a well-known stop for yacht tours and a popular tourist destination. Until the Middle Ages, the island was ruled by the Greeks under the name Arkos, which was later taken by the Knights of Rhodes along with Bodrum.


This area beyond Karaada is an interesting bay of a tour which is quite shallow and clean with a depth of more than 30 meters as a result of meteor fall in ancient history. Although our guests are prohibited from the jump stand here, they perform fun jumps.


Poyraz Aquarium: It is a bay where you can not get enough to swim in the prıl prıl sea. During the lunch break, you will admire the flock of hundreds of fish to the bread you will throw at the fish in the sea.

Food Service is done here.


Kızıl Burun: Lacivert , mavi, turkuaz renklerinin iç içe geçtiği güzel koylarımızdan biridir. 1 saat mola vereceğimiz bu yerde ayrı keyf alacağınızdan şüpheniz olmasın.


Rabbit’s nose (sandy) As you can see in this bay, you can taste as much as you can see the glass sheets as you can not want to go out of time to stop the bay.

RETURN - 17:30

Returning starts at 17:30 to complete our tour and arrival at the pier is 18:00

What should you pay attention to on the boat during the day tours?

Day tours 12, 50, Small boats with a capacity of up to 100, 150 boats with varying number of participants depending on the size of the boat Pirate-looking large boats, there is enough sunbathing area and there are shadow areas for those who wish. There are special areas for bathroom and toilet needs. These are the boats that have staff who can eat and meet this service in the seating groups designed according to the number of people at the same time.

Shoes are generally not allowed on the boat. So you may have to pick up your slippers or sandals. Sun cream, towels, camera, you need to take your belongings with you. Extra alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are available in the bars of our boats for a few hours away from the land.

Boat tours, which are frequently preferred for groups, are offered in different ways with special discounts and options for groups. Sunbathing by taking a boat tour is not overwhelming, but it provides a way to feel yourself away from the crowds and in nature. By joining the boat tour, you will be able to fill your day in the best way. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic options are available on boat tours, many different services can be provided upon your request.

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